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Prismacolor on Wood, 12.5” x 16” x .75”

Broken Series - 2008

From my description at its show at the Pink Cow in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan:

Recently, I have been fascinated by things that I perceive as “broken.”  I think this may have started with a car accident I was in right before I moved to Japan.  The impact left my right collarbone fractured in three places.  The x-rays of my bones before and after my shoulder repair surgery captivated me.  Our bodies are so amazing.  The technological ability to see inside someone is astonishing and oddly beautiful.

When I was visiting Newfoundland and Labrador during the summer of 2007, I was equally intrigued by the broken economy there.  Literal fragments of it were visible all over the countryside, most especially on the shore.  The Cod Moratorium has taken