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Donating to Lutheran Services

I have spent considerable time trying to decide what charitable organization I'd like Emily Atkinson Art to contribute to, and have realized that it doesn't need to be just one. With that in mind, I'm going to start by having specific items contribute to specific causes, that make sense for that product.

My first is my new stationery project - the "Peace be still" greeting cards. They're $6, plus shipping, handling, and tax. For every card I sell, I will give $1 to Lutheran Services in America (Lutheran Social Service in most states.). They are responsible for everything from mental health services to youth programs; health care to housing; and immigration and refugee services (including legal aide to those separated from their families at the border.).

Lutheran charities, including LSA and Lutheran World Relief, are some of the highest ranking in the world. They walk the walk.

Watch my website for more charitable causes associated with items for sale, including upcoming Christmas ornaments.

For more information on LSS, see:

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